Urwa Hocane Opens Up About Her Battle With Depression.


A short time ago Urwa and her sister were trolled on their statements about depression and mental health. They said “The only cause of depression is food” on which people ridiculed them.

In a recent Instagram post, she opened up about her battle with depression and stated that food has helped her a lot in recovering. She said, she is not an expert but she will keep on helping people to save them from mental illness.


She wrote a long post to explain her fans about her journey with depression. The actress explained:
” I decided to never announce it but I have suffered depression for a couple of years, the process of recovery is perpetual therefore I would NEVER ever be insensitive to its existence & causes. I find it hard to say more than this because of the extensive scrutiny on every word I’ll now utter but I will be brave.”
She further added: ” I emphasized on the “right food” because it has been an integral part of my healing process, helped me survive and recover of course along with the love and support of the people around me.”

At last she addressed to be more human and requested, “I only hope that what we are put through post-interview doesn’t discourage the people in position from speaking about what matters to the best of their knowledge in future. I am no expert on mental health but I will always try to offer as much as I know if it can even help a single soul.”

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