US charges Mexican ex-Mayor for meth trafficking

US Miami, April 2 2021:Alberto Comparan, an ex-mayor in Mexico has been charged by the US along with five others for trafficking the largest shipment of meth seized in Miami history.

Comparan, who was formerly mayor of Aguililla and alleged leader of Mexico’s United Cartels,along with five other individuals face drug and other charges from two indictments.

The six smuggled more than 500 kilograms of Mexican methamphetamines into the United States, according to US prosecutors.

Comparan and co-conspirator Alfonso Rustrian face charges of drug trafficking. Both were detained in Guatemala on Tuesday at the request of the United States “for extradition purposes,” according to that country’s prosecutor’s office.

In a separate criminal complaint, four other individuals were accused for their participation in the scheme to traffic methamphetamine to Miami, including the son of Comparan. These four were arrested in Miami.

In a statement made to the press, the Acting US Attorney for Southern District Of Florida, Juan Antonio Gonzalez said the US will work with international partners to stop drug trafficking and bring the perpetrators to justice regardless of origin or rank.

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