US Dollars Worth Rs.5.6 Crore Seized From Passengers At Airport

India: Foreign currency worth ₹ 5.6 crore was seized from the hand baggage of two passengers at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai.

The Central Indian Security Force (CISF) said the two passengers were identified as Sudanese nationals Ahmed Mohamed Ismail Haraza and Essam Ali Imer Mohamed who were scheduled to take an Ethiopian Airlines flight (No. ET-611) to Addis Ababa at 4:05 am on Tuesday.

The huge sum of foreign currency was detected during the Pre-embarkation Security Check (PESC) through the X-ray Baggage Inspection System (XBIS) at the airport.

The matter was immediately informed to Customs officials. Thereafter, the passengers were allowed to proceed towards the departure immigration counter where they were kept under close watch.

Later, Customs officials detained both the passengers and recovered $7,24,700 worth approximately ₹ 5.6 crore from their possession.