US House Speaker’s husband assaulted with hammer

Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi’s husband, was attacked with a hammer in the house, as a result of which Paul Pelosi was seriously injured.

According to American media, the attacker broke into Nancy’s residence in San Francisco and attacked 82-year-old Paul Pelosi with a hammer. The conversation can be heard.

According to AFP, Nancy Pelosi’s spokesman, Drew Hamill, said that the assailant entered the home and attacked, which fractured Paul’s skull. The attacker was looking for Nancy Pelosi, but her husband was away because the Speaker of the US House of Representatives was in Washington to pay for her services.

According to cable network MSNBC, Paul was able to distract the assailant and dial the police emergency number, which saved his life.

According to the police, when the officers arrived at Nancy Pelosi’s residence, the attacker was hitting Paul Pelosi with a hammer, and he was immediately arrested. At the same time he said that I will wait until she comes back. The assailant was identified as 42-year-old David De Pape, but the police refused to give further details.

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At a press conference Friday evening, San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott said the suspect was still in the hospital, but the alleged motive for the crime could not be made public. The accused will be charged with murder, assault with a deadly weapon, theft and other crimes.

According to spokeswoman Nancy Pusey, “Paul Pelosi Zuckerberg is being treated at San Francisco General Hospital, has undergone successful surgery for a fractured skull and severe injuries to his arms, and is hopeful for Dr. Zahn’s recovery.”

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Married to Nancy Orpaul, a prominent member of the Democratic Party, in 1963, they have 5 children.

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