US military to get Augmented Reality defense solution designed by Microsoft

San Francisco, April 1 2021:Microsoft will provide the US military with the so-called Integrated Augmentation System, a revolutionary defense system based on augmented reality. The news was confirmed from the Pentagon,  and the company itself.

The hardware which is a headset comprising of HoloLens is intended to make soldiers more effective in close combat specially with limited visibility, overlays digital images on physical surroundings and provides thermal imaging. The contract is worth at least $21.8billion, according to the department of Defense.

The head-mounted display employs sensors for night and thermal vision in addition to providing data for help in engaging targets and making tactical decisions.

The contract shows that Microsoft can make money from its augmented reality offerings. This deal further drills in the narrative that Microsoft is a key player in deals within the Department of Defense.

In the cloud race also, Microsoft is ahead of the game having won a $10 billion cloud computing contract for the Pentagon.

Microsoft recently launched a platform called Mesh, in which long-distance coworkers can collaborate as though in the same room, using augmented reality glasses and cloud computing power and connecting the physical with the digital, transcending both space and time.

HoloLens headgear with a $3,500 price tag overlays digital imagery on real-world settings, but the Mesh platform has the potential to be synced to virtual reality gear such as Oculus as well as smartphones.

Other American tech giants like Apple, Google and Facebook are also investing in mixed and augmented reality.

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