US Senate Bill receives severe backlash from Pakistani FO

The Foreign Office has strongly reacted to a bill introduced in the US senate, calling it a contradiction in Pak-US relations.

According to the sources, a Republican Senator introduced a bill in the US Senate a day ago, calling for action against those who support the Taliban. The bill calls for an investigation into Pakistan’s involvement in Panjshir and for action against states that support the Taliban in Afghanistan.

In the regard of the US Senate, the State Department said:

“After the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, the debate in Washington was reviewed, with the draft being presented as a response to the debate by the Republican group.”

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According to a Foreign Office spokesman, the position on Pakistan in the draft is irrevocable, contradicting the special relations established between Pakistan and the United States in 2001.

The Foreign Office also made clear that Pakistan’s point of view has always been that military is not a solution to the Afghanistan issue. A coercive ideology cannot be imposed on Afghanistan, the only way to achieve lasting peace in Afghanistan is through dialogue and negotiation, which the US Senate refuses to accept.

The Foreign Office spokesman stated:

“Pakistan-US cooperation is essential for combating terrorism in the region. Measures on the proposed legislation are unreasonable and ineffective.”

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