US should sell F-16 fighter planes to Turkey, Congress can approve, says Biden

US President Joe Biden said the United States will increase its military force in Europe.

The US president informed that over $700 billion has been provided to Ukraine since he took office even as 50 countries have pledged new commitments to the country battling Russian forces.

“In Germany, we came up with offers to develop the developing countries, unlike China, all the projects in the developing countries will be transparent,” the president added while pledging to support Ukraine.

“Putin wanted Finlandization of NATO, he got NATOisation of Finland,” Biden said on Finland’s application to join the European military alliance.

The US should sell F-16s to Turkey, Biden said told reporters at the press conference, while adding that Congress will approve the F-16 sale.

“I need congressional approval to do that and I think I can do that,” the president said, adding,”there was “no quid pro quo” of linking the sale to Turkey’s approval for Finland and Sweden entering NATO.

The president added that America is in a “better position to lead the world”. Biden said the US will announce a new $800 million weapons package for Ukraine in a few days while asserting that “Ukraine has already given a severe blow to Russia.”