US takes custody of two ‘high-value’ militants from Syria Kurds

Washington, Oct 10 (AFP/APP): Two “high-value” militants held by Syrian Kurds have been taken into United States custody and moved out of the country, a defense official said Wednesday, as reports identified them as notorious British fighters dubbed “The Beatles.”

“I can confirm that we’ve taken custody of two high-value individuals from the SDF,” the defense official said on condition of anonymity.

“They have been moved out of Syria and are in a secure location,” the official said, without identifying where. “They are being held in military custody pursuant to the law of war.”

U.S. airstrikes kills 7 IS militants in Southern Libya

US media reports identified the two as part of an extremely violent all-British four-man cell that kidnapped and tortured foreigners, including journalists.

One other was killed in a drone strike and the fourth is imprisoned on terror charges in Turkey.

US forces start Syria border pullback

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