US to act if terrorists regroup in Afghanistan: Ned Price

The Joe Biden administration’s pledge of taking action in case ‘international terrorists’ regroup in Afghanistan was reiterated by State Department Spokesperson Ned Price earlier on Wednesday.

Spokesperson Ned Price reiterated President Joe Biden’s stance during a press briefing earlier this week, which focused on the rise of violence in Afghanistan and the Taliban administration’s failure to not provide ‘safe havens’ to terrorist groups.

The spokesperson of the US State Department said that the Afghan Taliban have been either unable or unwilling to fulfil the commitments they had made in a number of areas, adding that Washington’s broader goal was to ensure that terrorists and other militant groups aren’t able to use Afghanistan as a launch pad for attacks on Pakistan.

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Price also mentioned the killing of Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri by a US strike earlier in August to remind the world of Washington’s determination and ability to take action against terrorists.

Spokesperson for the State Department said that the US values its bilateral relationship with Pakistan and is willing to cooperate with its partners in the region.

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