US to sanction prominent Turkish businessman

The Joe Biden administration is set to foist sanctions on Sitki Ayan, a prominent Turkish businessman for allegedly acting as a facilitator for oil sales and money laundering on behalf of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

A US Treasury department statement asserts that Ayan has established business contracts to sell Iranian oil worth hundreds of millions of dollars to buyers in China, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Europe.

Sitki Ayan’s son Bahaddin Ayan alongside his associate Kasim Oztas will both be designated, not to mention at least two dozen corporations/companies including the ASB Group, which is a holding company based in Gibraltar.

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The Treasury sanctions will immediately freeze any assets owned by the sanctioned individuals in the US and will bar Americans from engaging in any sort of dealing with them.

Those Americans that engage in transactions with the designated individuals will also run the risk of getting sanctioned by the government.

The move comes in amid tense relations between the US and Turkiyë over an array of issues, including conflict over the Syria policy and Ankara’s purchase of Russian air defense systems.

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