US Will Never Allow Afghanistan to Become Safe Haven

US State Department spokesperson Ned Price said that Washington and its partners will never allow Afghanistan to become a safe place for terrorists.

Ned Price added that the Islamic Emirate has to achieve trust in the world.

“The United States and our partners around the world won’t allow Afghanistan to become a safe haven for international terrorists who pose a threat to the United States, to our partners around the world,” Price said at a press conference.

Price said that Tom West, US special representative for Afghanistan, talked with some officials of the Islamic Emirate about counterterrorism and different issues in Doha.

“Our special representative for Afghanistan, Tom West, recently met with the Taliban in Doha.  They discussed a number of US interests, including counterterrorism, and we’ll continue to engage with the Taliban pragmatically,” said Price.

Several political analysts said the Islamic Emirate must take steps to earn the world’s trust.

“The Islamic Emirate should show readiness, and a joint plan should be created between these countries, especially between the US and the Islamic Emirate,” said Zaman Gul Dehati, political analyst.

“The world also uses the name of terrorism as a tactic and in this way they want to achieve the same political and economic goals that they have in Afghanistan,” said Sarwari Niazi, military issues analyst.

Earlier, the Islamic Emirate said that they will never allow the use Afghanistan’s soil against other countries.

After claiming that the leader of the Al-Qaeda network was killed in Kabul, the United States of America and the Islamic Emirate accused each other of violating the Doha Agreement.