Usman Mirza Case: Arrest warrant issued for young couple

A case related to violence against a young couple was heard in Sessions Court Islamabad. The main accused Usman Mirza and others were produced in the court.

The victim couple failed to appear, on which the court expressed indignation. Judge Sessions Court Islamabad remarked that an arrest warrant will be issued for the couple. Thereby a non-bailable arrest warrant has been issued for the victims.

In addition, the court ordered the SSP operation to produce the affected couple. In response, the victims’ lawyer pleaded that they are out of town and will need approximately three hours to reach the court. Following which the court adjourned the hearing till January 19th, 2022. 

Earlier, significant progress had been made in the E-11 (Islamabad) violence case against a young couple. The Federal Government has decided to pursue the Usman Mirza case on its own, after a meeting chaired by the Federal Law Minister. The meeting reviewed that perpetrators of such crimes should be punished according to law. 

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Moreover, Maleeka Ali Bokhari member of the Pakistan National Assembly has said the state will pursue the case based on the testimony of the victim girl because there is ‘undeniable’ video and forensic evidence on record. 

Federal Minister for Information, Fawad Chaudhry tweeted on the social networking website Twitter, that the Usman Mirza case, the GT Road case and the Shahrukh Jatoi case are challenges for the justice system. He added that the question is why these cases are not being handled on a daily basis and why they are being treated as general cases?

Usman Mirza Case: Arrest warrant issued for young couple | Baaghi TV

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Chaudhry claimed that the prosecution and the court need to fulfill their responsibility towards the state and bring these cases to a logical conclusion. On the other hand, a statement by Hassan Javed, the couple’s first lawyer in the case against violence by Usman Mirza has come to light. While talking to a private channel, Javed said that the victim boy and girl did not know why they pursued the case, they were in contact with me up till a day ago but now they have stopped responding to my calls and their numbers have been switched off. He added that now they have also changed lawyers. 

It is pertinent to note that the young couple was stripped and tortured in the E-11 area of Islamabad by Usman Mirza and other accused, however, the victim girl deviated from her statement. In the latest developments, the couple has renounced their statements in court and an affidavit has been submitted. According to reports, the victim stated that the police made up the whole affair. The victim added, “I did not give the affidavit under any pressure, did not identify any of the accused nor did I sign any papers”.

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According to reports, in the video received, it can be seen that the accused violently took off the girl’s shirt while the girl kept on begging them, however, the accused did not stop. IG Islamabad Qazi Jameel-ur-Rehman took immediate notice of the incident and directed SSP Operations to arrest the accused immediately. The arrested accused include Usman Mirza, Farhan, and Ata-ur-Rehman who have been arrested by Islamabad police, and cases registered against them.

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