Uzbekistan Electricity to Be Imported: Afghanistan

Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Wednesday that imported electricity from Uzbekistan will be connected to Afghanistan, and Tashkent will export 250 MW of electricity to Afghanistan.

“Today (4Dalwa) the Foreign Ministry of Uzbekistan assured the Foreign Ministry of Afghanistan that the power ministry of this country has made the necessary preparations to reconnect 250 MW electricity to Kabul in the next 24 hours,” said Zia Ahmad, deputy spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Ministry of Energy of Uzbekistan tweeted that the cutoff of exported electricity to Afghanistan was due to problems in supplying fuel to the country’s thermal power plants due to excessively cold weather.

Meanwhile, Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat announced that they had signed an agreement to extend imported electricity from Turkmenistan for 2023.

“An agreement for electricity has been extended with Turkmenistan, and according to that Turkmenistan will export electricity in 2023,” said Hekmatullah Maiwandi, DABS spokesman.

Residents of Kabul said that the lack of electricity creates many challenges.

“We are faced with challenges in this season, all people need electricity but there is no electricity…,” said Noor Mohammad, a Kabul resident.

“We have electricity for one hour and for ten hours we have no electricity,” said Esmatullah, a Kabul resident.

Afghanistan imports the electricity it needs from Central Asia countries and Iran and most electricity is imported from Uzbekistan.

One month ago an agreement of 420MW of electricity worth $100 million was signed with Uzbekistan for 2023.