Uzma Tahir attacked over video recording issue at cinema

A woman along with her son approached them violently

Host and actress Uzma Tahir shared a matter on her Facebook page exposing how a woman with her son attacked Uzma and her family on doubts of being recorded by her.

Uzma claims that she had been recording her video at Nuelpex Cinema, Karachi when a woman approached them and bashed her over suspicion that she was recording the attacker.

The video shared by Uzma on her social media account clearly shows that she was recording her video when a woman passing by them started accusing Uzma and family.

The son of that angry woman snatched Uzma’s mobile phone and also tried to rip her sisters’ shirt.

After they were proved wrong, the boy tried to apologize and requested to delete the video.

Uzma also answered to people saying why she uploaded video, “When the woman and her son was making video beating us from their mobile phones, I had to post it to clarify my position.”

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