Veena Malik’s successful Breast Tumor removal surgery, message for women

Veena Malik recently underwent her Breast Tumor removal surgery and advised women to take care

Actress and host Veena Malik just had her breast tumor removal surgery succesfully at Karachi Hospital and here is what she has to say to all women.

She suggested the women to take care of their health.

She took to social media giant Twitter saying, “With the grace of Almighty Allah, I had a successful fibroadenoma removal surgery at the South City Hospital, Karachi. I am indebted to all the love and prayers said and expressed by my people.”


In the second tweet she wrote, “It was a successful surgery supervised by Dr Kausar. I am very grateful for her kind assistance at every point of the operation.”

She further wrote, “I would take this moment to stress the fact that breast care is REAL be it breast cancer or any other breast disease. Women must take care of themselves. And it shouldn’t be considered a taboo. May Allah give us a life full of health and Iman.”

She also shared a picture of her with her kids captioning, “A day before hospitalization”.

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