Verdict reserved, PTI foreign funding case

The Election Commission of Pakistan has reserved its verdict on the PTI foreign funding case. Election  commission will announce the verdict on October 10.

The chief election commissioner Justice Raza questioned about the accounts from PTI recieved money from abroad, which were shown by the State Bank. The bench seeks to know about the owner of the accounts.

Lawyer from defensive side (PTI) has said that all 23 accounts from PTI recieved money belonged to the PTI and its overseas workers,he said  that we have submitted all records related to account to the scrutiny committee.

Akbar S Babar the founding member of Imran Khan led PTI filed this case in election commission in November 2014.He accused the party of corruption from party funding and illegal foreign funding. The proceedings were delayed because the PTI had filed a writ petition in Islamabad High Court.PTI filed writ petition in October 2015 in which PTI demanded the IHC to restrain the ECP scrutiny of its accounts. The ECP took up the case once again in 2017.

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