Vincent Kompany claims that football boardrooms are victims of inequality

Vincent Kompany says football boardrooms are a ‘hotbed of inequality’ in new FIFPro anti-racism report

With “no clear indication” that recent measures implemented by governing bodies and social media companies have done anything to tackle racism in football, worldwide players’ union FIFPro wants to help set up an independent research center to gather data on incidents of abuse.

The research center is part of FIFPro’s new plan to “protect, support and champion” players.
With the game relying on the likes of the Fare Network in Europe and the UK’s Kick it Out organization to track incidents of racist abuse, FIFPro says the lack of a reliable global database makes effectively tackling racism in football an even greater task.
“This carries two challenges: first, it almost inevitably means that the extent of such discrimination is underestimated, especially when it comes to players’ experience of discrimination from colleagues and teammates,” a FIFPro report released on Tuesday reads.
“Such incidents, likely to happen away from the public eye, go unreported and unchecked.
“Second, if we do not understand the scale of the current problem, it is difficult to track and monitor change. Without this, we cannot confidently say whether existing initiatives are effective. We cannot learn what works, and it is much harder to hold those responsible to account.”
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