Wall chalking will be a criminal act in KP

Peshawar, Oct 12: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has decided to legislate against wall chalking.

Minister of Local government Khyebr Pakhtunkhwa Shahram Tarakai said “wall Chalking makes the walls dirty and mars beauty of the city and Its blockage is necessary which is why we are drafting a law.”

He said the any person or organisation involved in wall chalking could be handed a prison term and fined under the proposed Anti-Wall Chalking Act.

Tarakai said the law is under drafting condition, it would soon be presented before the ver7 next provincial cabinet meeting. However, he did not give any timeframe for this legislation process.

After approval by the provincial cabinet, a proposed draft or bill is presented before the assembly for debate. After getting 2/3 majority from the assembly, the bill is forwarded to the governor for signing it into a law.

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