Wardens busy in works other than duty



Lahore: The Muslim Town Mor Lahore has become a point of a permanent traffic mess as the wardens appointed there, often seen busy in works other than their duty, BaaghiTV English has learnt.


Wardens gossiping sitting on bike during duty hours


The residents and the passerbys have always been complaining of traffic jam due to the negligence and indifferent attitude of the wardens.
“I have been dropping my kids to school and often get late to the school of my children because of the regular traffic mess,” Muhammad Ali, a resident of Shah Jamal said.


A warden watching mobile while other two are sitting beside him at the Bus Stop at LCCI Road


He said that the traffic mess is usually caused by the absence of the on-duty wardens who often seen busy in taking tea, doing chit-chat and enjoying sun-bathing at the hotel in the corner.

The passerbys have also complained of the inappropriate attitude of the wardens when they come across with these wardens.

Shahid Minhas, a bike rider said that the inappropriate attitude of the wardens has crossed all limits.

No warden present on duty but their bikes

“I was stopped by one of the wardens at the Muslim Town Mor. The warden misbehaved with me and my sister whom I was going to drop to her office on a Friday morning for a no big reason” he said.


Warden taking morning sun-bath while using mobile phone during duty hours at Muslim Town Mor


Another biker, Shakeel said that traffic can be well manage if the wardens pay heed to their duty instead of taking tea and enjoying sun-bathing during duty hours.

The citizen remembered also the good old days when Sergeant setup was the rule of the day in Lahore; elders, children and especially families were respected and traffic system was also superb.

Wardens waiting for tea at the corner at Muslim Town Mor

These good qualities of Sergeants are lacking in the Wardens, he said, adding that this not only the Muslin Town Mor but the whole city is in disarray and chaotic position since the wardens took over.

Warden sitting on bike during duty hours

“These wardens have never depicted the essence of a discipline force. We can see them sitting on bikes sluggishly in awkward positions often gossiping on cell phones”, he added further.

Warden arguing with a lady passenger of Rikshaw while the driver is also seen there at the Muslim Town Mor


The motorist, residents and the passerbys have urged the Lahore CCPO and the CTO  to take notice of the aggravated situation of the routine traffic jams.


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