Welcome to Pakistan dear Sri Lankans

It is very difficult to be fearless in times of adversity, standing close the demons and braving up to fight the odds takes a lot of heart and Sri Lankans have said yes to a task by accepting Pakistan’s invitation.

The Islanders will arrive in the pakistan to play three ODIs in Karachi, starting September 27, and then they’ll play 3 T20Is in Lahore, with the first short-format match taking place on October 5.

The argument here is that the Sri Lankans are bringing a second squad, with as many as 10 seniors team member starters opting out of the idea of touring Pakistan, but the silver lining is there for Pakistan even in such an critical condition.

First and foremost, international cricket, as much of it as possible and with any team possible, needs to become a culture in the country. The fans are hungry to entertainment and the players want to perform in front of a home crowd with stadiums filled and the majority rooting for the local players. Once it becomes normal for teams  every other cricket team will have one less reason to say no.

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