What will be the future of PTI’s government? Afeefa Rao

According to the journalist Afeefa Rao, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) government is steering its way in Lahore to gain allies in order to strengthen itself against the Opposition. In their Youtube show ’25th Hour’, Faisal Rao also revealed that PM’s visit at Chaudhry Brothers’ residence holds significance in the power politics.

Faisal Rao further stated that since Opposition has had five meetings with Chaudhry Brothers in the past month, PM’s visit will give new shape to the future of PTI government and the strategies that will follow. He also revealed that there is a strong possibility of Opposition bringing out the ‘no-confidence’ motion against Speaker of the National Assembly Asad Qaiser.

Talking about the Pakistan Peoples Party’s (PPP) claim of having gathered nearly one hundred thousand people to march towards Islamabad, Faisal Rao added that although Sindh is dominated with PPP’s government, the claim of assembling such a large audience is doubtful.

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It was also said that PM is not doing a very good job at controlling inflation rate which keeps soaring high amid political tensions.

Rao also said that PTI was born in 1996 and it was only in 2013 that the party gained a firm footing in the government after winning majority in Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa (KPK). He also pointed out that despite criticising amnesty scheme in the past, particularly before 2018, PM Imran Khan announced one during his tenure.

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During the show, the couple discussed that after a long time, Pakistan has finally been able to show its stance to the whole world. PM’s visit to Russia and Russian invasion in Ukraine has clarified Pakistan’s role in global politics.

Although Opposition has made it clear that PTI government removal is inevitable, it is still unclear as to how it would take place. Establishement has ushered no movement regarding the clash between the PTI government and Opposition.

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