What’s Love Got To Do With It?

A blog by Saman Hasnain Shah

“Love”, one of the most magical, dynamic, and powerful words of all time but sadly today it’s the most misused and twisted word of the 20th century.

Once a meaningful word, now torn and tattered, used and abused, until it lost all of its amazing glory, paramount significance, fascinating magic, and the tender warmth in the harsh, cold, and selfish new era.

I am still bewildered that how can such an outstanding word with even a more outstanding meaning lose its charm, glory, and stature so quickly and steeply.

We all know that mere words mean nothing, they are like withering flowers with no fragrance, exotic food with no taste and beautiful eyes with no vision, only and only if we make words valuable and meaningful by attaching a special significance, a substantial meaning to them, how we perceive them, how we act and react to them, how we choose to glorify them, do these words really matter?

If you ask me, in all honesty and in my harsh but true personal opinion “Love” is now like one of the most endangered species, a planet in turmoil with grim affects of climate change, an old outdated technology that has become obsolete in the new high tech world…

Love is diminishing from our society far more rapidly then sand in an hour glass, rain forests of the entire world, melting ice land at north pole and endangered rhinoceros from Mother Earth.

Let’s be real, the new tech savvy generation with all its cold calculated harsh facts, and high tech mumble jumble has robbed our world of all that was pure, genuine and precious in human race. While the new world was busy turning humans into cold Robots, it also brutally snatched from us the magic, warmth and authenticity that human race once felt in Love. The wicked witch of new era on its evil broom creating havoc in our world, sadly also squeezed the last essence and meaning from all that “Love” stood for and hijacked love altogether from our society.

Be it the love of God, to the love of a Nation, to the love of family , to the most amazing, magical love between a Man and Woman, in all its forms love has been tainted with impurity, selfishness and calculated risks.

The world with all its glam and glitters still looks cold and bleak, grey and faded as the color and warmth of Love is nowhere to be seen anymore.

Wherever I look there is no real love, mere song about Love, movies sold in box office in name of Love, wars fought between countries in claims love, religions abused with battles on Love of religion, hearts broken every day on false promises and claims of Love. Love is exploited all around. We are the criminals, the offenders but we are also the victims guilty on how we exploited or let love be exploited.

True love has become a thing of the past!

What really is Love? A friend asked me today. I thought for a minute and answered, for me…

Love is unconditional! Love is not about “Me” it is about “Us”,
Love is not about what I gain but what I give,
Love is not about fooling another with false magic of the word “Love” but about being the purest form of,
Love personified,
Love is not mere passive words, love is actions ,actions and actions alone,
Love is the pure light that erases all evil and darkness around us,
Love is the guardian angel that illuminates our path to our higher self,

Today when I see people use and abuse the word love, emotionally blackmail and exploit each other in the name of Love and if someone raises a question to these wrong doers, as to why the world is so cold and grim without true Love? They defiantly deny any wrong doing and reply, “What’s Love got to do with it? “

My message to them all..

Love is the lethal weapon that conquered battles all…
Love is the sum of all virtues standing strong and tall…
Love melts frozen hearts on its fiery magical call…
Love is the true reflection of God breathing in us all…

Save Love, Save Mankind!

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