When will the Royal dust settle?

The most talked about couple's recent activities

Saturday, 18th Jan 2020: Meghan and Henry managed to attract as much attention as possible after “quitting” royalty.

According to reports, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex who have been living separately are allegedly working to settle pending concerns such as security of the couple and financial matters. Harry who is in the UK, is expected to join his family by Monday after working out the terms of supposedly “quitting” royalty, whereas Meghan is seen hale and hearty in Canada.

Big money deals with corporate giants for the couple are believed to be a hurdle in the union, however, the Duchess of Sussex seems to be enjoying and in high spirits, evident from the exclusive photographs obtained by the Daily Mail, while waiting for her friend Heather Dorak at the airport.

Ms Dorak, who is the wife of Matt Cohan lives in California and reportedly attended the royal wedding back in May 2018. Dorak is Meghan’s pilates guru, based on reports.

Image courtesy Daily Mail

Another much talked about activity by Meghan Markle was her last weeks’ visit to the Canadian Women center, where she never stepped in, but the tabloids were all praise for her support. Reportedly this garnered much public interest as people were interested in viewing pictures of the soon-to-be-former Duchess with the staff.

It seems as if the public is more anxious to see the reunion of couple and their separate activities from the British Royal family. Harry who is supposed to join Meghan after a settlement of terms is reached, is attending a summit back in UK, claim sources.

Meanwhile, the focus of the tabloids has shifted from an alleged rift between the Princes, Harry and William, to what is believed to be a “very close and supportive” bond with each other.

Image courtesy Town and Country Magazine

While questions about William’s role in getting his brother through still lack answers, it is not clear if the results would be as expected, or is there another storm brewing in the Royal household?

Prince Harry’s wife Meghan returns to Canada amid royal storm

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