Which great leader will wear the crown of humanity in the war against corona?

When I first heard about Corona virus I rolled my eyes with concern imagining a simple flu virus that needs some simple precautions. Not in a million years could I have imagined that “Corona” would become one of the most severe catastrophe’s in the history of mankind. How rapidly it would become an unstoppable tornado and disrupt our peaceful lives, our thriving homes, peaceful countries, and the world as we all knew it altogether is still mind boggling.

Fear, sadness, stress, and panic lurking heavy in the air in every town, city, and country, as each nation struggles to fight this invisible ruthless enemy. An enemy lurking all around us, ready to strike a fresh prey every second of every hour. My mind keeps racing like a train running at the speed of lightening with a burning question.

Who will emerge as a true leader of mankind, that amazing, indispensable commander in chief, who will be victorious in this catastrophe. As a young girl I learned that great leaders don’t set out to be a leader, they set out to make a difference. It’s never about the roll, always about the goal.

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Will it be USA the superpower? China the manufacturing leader of the world? Saudi Arabia the oil king of the globe? Russia with its superior military? Pakistan with its promising prime minister?

Which great leader will wear the crown of humanity in the war against corona?

In this Corona catastrophe it’s not about the wealth each nation has or the resources, the think tanks that sit in the White House or the most up to date technology. It will be all about the vision of the leader, a leader of substance who can take swift action, make difficult decisions, take drastic measures for the nation and the good of mankind. That amazing nation and its leader will go down in history proudly wearing the crown as savior of humanity .

In order for any nation to go down in history in golden words the leader needs to take swift action for a complete lock down and should have the ability to rally the whole nation behind him.

A true leader must have the vision to make difficult choices, understand the dire consequences of lack of adequate actions, can inspire deeply, motivate truly, and defend his nation strongly. In my opinion that is the leader who will wear the crown of humanity and will go down in history in golden words.

Leader is the capacity to translate vision into reality. Like the great leader Martin Luther King said: “A true leader is not a searcher of consensus but a molder of consensus”.

Dedicated to all the leaders that will rise and show true leadership in this calamity.

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