Which Pakistani actress has been dubbed ‘Spiderman’s sister’?

The social media community criticised Ayeza Khan.

Ayeza Khan has received interesting comments on her social media posts regarding her new look.

The Pakistani actress Ayeza Khan is not only famous for her acting but also her fashion sense. This time, social media users criticised her style with a sense of humour.

On Instagram, Ayeza Khan shared a new style of photos.

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She was wearing striped vertical fabrics in blue and green. As Ayeza Khan posed for the photo, she rested one leg on the knee of her other leg. Her fans appreciated her pictures as usual; on the other hand, social media users also commented on her style.

Fans have said you are not suitable for such poses. Another one asked, was it necessary to sit like this? What do people do for money?

She was called Spider-Man’s sister by another user.

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