Whither Brexit? Scenarios for UK political crisis

London, Sept 3 (AFP/APP):British MPs opposed to leaving the EU without a deal on October 31 are poised to vote against the government on Tuesday in a move that could trigger an early election.
Here are some possible scenarios for the coming weeks:
– Early election –
The government has said that if it loses a vote on delaying Brexit later on Tuesday it will put forward another vote on Wednesday to hold an early election on October 14.
Under British electoral law, the next election is not due until 2022 and a two-thirds parliamentary majority is required to hold the vote ahead of time.
The main opposition Labour Party has said in the past that it would welcome a general election.
But some in the party are concerned about holding one before legislation is passed that would force whoever is the next prime minister to postpone Brexit if there is no agreement with Brussels before October 31.
Rebel Conservative MPs are also unlikely to favour an election as they would most likely not be selected to stand as candidates as punishment for their insubordination.

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