Who plans to dethrone PM Imran Khan? Afeefa Rao

Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan’s position in the Parliament is not as strong as it used to be, journalist Afeefa Rao said in her YouTube show ‘25th Hour’.

The no-confidence motion has taken a toll on Imran Khan’s seat as a prime minister and it will be hard for him to sustain his power for long if smart measures are not taken, Faisal Rao discussed in the show.

He added that PM Imran Khan is the first leader after Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto to expose international schemes aiming to deteriorate the peace of the region. He also went onto say that exposing such sensitive material on media has dangerous consequences, the primary example of Bhutto’s death is a proof that Imran Khan’s life could be in danger.

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During the show, Faisal Rao said that Pakistan politics has always been dominated by Western interference. “Our most crucial institutions look up to Western powers for playing the monopoly of power politics,” he remarked. Imran Khan came to power in 2011 but he was given the prime minister’s seat in 2018. Even after coming holding PM’s office, his autonomy was not absolute, he said.

For countries like Pakistan, achieving an independent foreign policy is almost next to impossible, Rao said. There are certain institutions in Pakistan that are said to be number one all over the world but it is surprising to see their silence when a PM reveals that a joint alliance of parties is trying to dethrone him.

It is not possible for the incumbent government to survive if establishment does not back it up.

When asked about PM’s March 27 rally, Faisal Rao said that it was undoubtedly a successful rally. Many journalists agreed that PM had managed to gather a massive crowd in Islamabad.

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The situation is still not clear and we can only wait for the final showdown, he concluded.

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