WHO revision of Covid-19 death toll delayed in India: Reports

An analysis by the World Health Organization (WHO) claims the Covid-19 death toll for India is more than four million and not the official tally declared to be 520,000. 

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According to reports of the British publication The Guardian, India has been accused of attempting to delay a revision of the global death toll due to Covid-19 after it was suggested that the country declared incorrect statistics, by an estimated 3.5 million. Officially, the Indian state declared the death toll to be 520,000 but according to a detailed analysis by WHO has shown the actual figures to be approximately 4 million. This is the highest death toll across the world. 

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Earlier, data analysts and medical facilitators had suggested the figures were ten times higher than the recorded statistics. According to reports, following the second wave of Covid-19 across India, the authorities were accused of under-reporting the statistics to “deflect accusations” that they were not doing enough to provide “adequate healthcare, medicine and oxygen”.

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Recently, the WHO attempted to release the data in January but the Indian government pushed back considerably delaying the analysis release. The WHO officials have announced that they intend to publish their findings later this month. According to reports, it is estimated that fifteen million people have died from Coronavirus (Covid-19) which is more than six million of the total known deaths. The updated statistics reportedly include figures of people who dies of illnesses other than Covid-19 but could not be treated due to the Coronavirus. 

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Meanwhile, the Indian government has claimed they are not against the result but “rather the methodology adopted”. Moreover, the Indian claimed that the method employed is “questionable” and “statistically unproven”.

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