Who writes Maryam Nawaz’s speeches?

Who writes Maryam Nawaz's speeches?

Faisalabad: Maryam’s address at a Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) event in Faisalabad on Saturday was highly praised, andvarious social media users congratulated her for it.

  • After a social media user inquires, Maryam Nawaz exposes who writes her speeches.
  • A Twitter user posts a photo of Maryam taking notes and wonders who writes her talks.
  • The address of the PML-N vice president at a Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) rally in Faisalabad has been well praised.

Imdad Hussain, a Twitter user, tweeted a photo of Maryam writing something on a piece of paper before her speech yesterday. Hussain questioned if Maryam wrote her own speeches.

“Do you compose your own speeches, ma’am? If that’s the case, then “by God, you write excellently,” Hussain said, praying that “may the Almighty bless you.” “Maryam must be kept safe.

Hussain’s message was shared by Maryam, who commented that she is the one who writes the speeches she gives.

Maryam wrote, “Yes, I write every single word.”

Now is the time to make a decision.’

On Saturday, Maryam informed Pakistanis that the time to pick their destiny and change their fate is “now,” as she appealed for their help in ousting Prime Minister Imran Khan.

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Maryam stated the people were well aware of how Prime Minister Imran Khan had “disrespected the sanctity of the vote” while speaking at a Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) rally in Faisalabad’s Dhobi Ghat stadium.

The PML-N vice-president claimed that the prime minister had only kept one promise: he would “make everyone cry,” and that “the entire nation is crying” today.

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