Why did the chained pictures of Yasra Rizvi go viral?

Why-did-the-chained-pictures-of-Yasra-Rizvi-go-viral #Baaghi

Pakistani actress shares a powerful picture on her Instagram to raise awareness against forced marriages and we couldn’t agree more with her caption.  

Chained photos of actress and poet Yasira Rizvi went viral on social media. Actress Yasira Rizvi has shared a few photos on Instagram about the prevention of forced marriages and the embarrassment of divorce. After seeing these photos, you’ll get the impression that women are bonded in some way. They are constantly under pressure.

The actor and filmmaker highlighted in a series of posts that marriage is a decision that requires two individuals to make. Even if one marries the person of their choice, it does not have to be a life sentence. “Forced marriages and divorce stigma are not ways to respect tradition; they are serious violations of basic human rights that are unfortunately the most widespread and acceptable in our society.” This has to come to an end! Make a plan for how you’re going to handle it.

In various photos, Yasira Rizvi can be seen wearing a red wedding dress, wearing henna on her hands, and sitting in chains. The actress wrote in her post that whether to get married or not is an important and personal decision of any person’s life, who, how and why, this decision is also a basic right of every person. And if there is a mistake in making this decision and a voluntary marriage becomes an unpleasant experience, then ending it is also a basic human right.

Rizvi also said that this is not a Western agenda but the personal freedom that every religion and every law gives to everyone under common sense because the deepest effects of any marriage are on the person who gets married.

In her Instagram post, Dakara termed forced marriages and divorce as a clear attack on human rights. In her post, the actress also demanded to stop this situation with the Hashtags: #saynotoforcedmarriage, #stopdivorceshaming, #yasrarizvi, #club432.

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