Revealed: Why MAO College Professor Commits Suicide?

LAHORE (19th Oct, 2019): #MeToo campaign started a while ago and has become popular now a days. 

According to details, #MeToo campaign has been used as an awareness program to curb crimes against women but the campaign is been hijacked by some individuals for their personal vendetta. There are many incidents in which false allegations had been made by women. The campaign has been launched for the betterment of society, but misuse of this campaign are causing destruction in society.

 After the false allegations of sexual harassment, people became depressive and committing suicide. In Lahore, Professor Afzal Mahmood who was a lecturer at Govt MAO College Lahore has committed suicide after he was falsely accused of sexually harassing a student. This is the reason why misuse of #MeToo is a problem.

Death of MAO College Professor: Suicide or Murder?

Reportedly, late Professor Afzal Mahmood has committed suicide despite allegations made by female student proved wrong after inquiry. Late Professor ended his life by poisoning on 9th of October. He was declared cleared by the inquiry committee but the college administration was not issuing a certification letter. He left a suicide note stating that his life has been wholly disturbed in personal and professional capacity as his wife has left him on claims of being an “immoral” man.

#MeToo: Biggest Lie of the Century

He wrote “I leave this matter in the court of Allah, The Police are requested not to investigate and bother anybody.”

Moreover, one day before commiting suicide, he also wrote a letter to his college colleague and investigating officer, Dr. Aalia Rehman. He wrote “You are my colleague and friend first and enquiry officer later. You told me that i have been cleared of the harassment allegations but i am still under extreme stress as the news of the case is known by the whole college.”

Moreover, famous Pakistani singer, Ali Zafar who had been accused of sexual assault by Meesha Shafi, also spoke out in favor of the late professor. He wrote “Mr Afzal, Lecturer at Govt MAO College Lahore commits suicide after false harassment allegations. Leaves a suicide note as his wife leaves him & his reputation tarnished. How many will speak up for him now? How many will speak up against the misuse of #MeToo. Who is responsible?”

Court Announces Verdict for Ali Zafar, Meesha Shafi Case


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