Why the drilling in Kekra-1 was halted? Senior Journalist revealed the truth.

A senior journalist and anchorperson Mubasher Lucman has revealed the truth behind abrupt ending the drilling of oil and gas reserves in offshore waters.

Mubasher Lucman has said that the time will tell whether the re-election of Narendra Modi as an Indian Prime Minister is giving a bad signal to Pakistan, the regaining of position of Netanyahu as an Israeli PM and whether the situation will deteriorate further in the region due to ongoing hostility between Iran and KSA.

According to the reports of Baaghitv, responding to the decision of Exxon Mobil to end the drilling of oil and gas reserves, Mubasher Lucman has stated that he has his own theory to explain this decision and that is when the Exxon Mobil started drilling they found a pressure kick which lead to analyzing the amount of reserves found in Indian ocean. Then the said area is taken over by Pakistan Navy for security. Right after that , a cold conflict erupts between Iran and USA. That area where , drilling is going on, is only 300 km away from the shores of Iran and the process is halted by saying nothing concrete is found here. ow ironic is this that it is the same Exxon Mobil, which has earlier stated to have estimated a lot of oil and gas reserves to be found which will be larger than combined reserves of Iran and KSA. The same Exxon Mobil packed up their assets and left the region not only in days but in hours. He further said , there is a security risk due to which Exxon Mobil instead of drilling wells in other places opted to leave. All of these presents a grave signs of misinformation to us as something is fishy in this matter.

It mus be remembered that , Mubasher Lucman has earlier stated that USA has blamed Iran for damaging KSA oil pipelines and refineries and USA has banned a Chinese Telecom giant Huawei for damaging US interests. Both the China and USA has a common enemy and with both countries joining hands can post a giant threat to USA.

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