Will Aviation Industry remain on the back burner?

The destruction of Aviation Industry is being witnessed for more than last 30 years.

Various Aviation companies have been closed and or are struggling barely to survive.

Imran Aslam Khan, a renowned writer has written various articles in last three years to emphasise on the importance of promoting aviation industry. “The interest of different circles is beyond any economic activity at least as for as the Aviation Industry is concerned,” he said. He has written worldwide Aviation Businesses  and revealed that if considered as a country, Pakistan will have the 17th number in world GDP. “Now that’s huge, are we interested in having our piece of cake out of this?” he questions.

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From apparent actions of the various circles in last few years, it is evident that Aviation Industry is on the back burners and Travel and Tourism are merely restricted to big statements just for political gains, he adds.

“We call upon the incumbent government to take immediate steps in reviving the Aviation industry by making revolutionary changes in the Aviation Policy and legislation governing this industry and also to declare it as an Industry forthwith,” Khan said.

He further went on to say that tourism cannot be promoted until and unless we have the developed basic infrastructure needed for such lucrative activity. Aviation Indsurry is the back bone for Tourism and and not only Aviation economic activities but Tourism has such a big potential in generating revenues that it can sustain the whole economy of the country.

“Please take this seriously. We being stake holders from the platform of Aircraft Owners and Operators Association (AOOA) of Pakistan are willing to provide all the support and hard work needed for revamping the Aviation and Tourism Indsutry,” he requested.

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A basic road map is already prepared along with the changes needed in National Aviation Policy and the National Legislation which can be provided for quick implementation, Khan reiterated.

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