Muslim Pregnant Woman Loses Baby After Being Kicked By An Indian Officer

The Pregnant Muslim Woman lost her baby, after being kicked in her stomach by an Indian police officer in Assam.

According to details, a pregnant Muslim woman and her two sisters were tortured inside a police station in Assam. The Pregnant Woman is kicked by police officer, she started to bleed and lost her baby. After this torture, the pregnant woman was admitted to a nearby hospital but unfortunately lost her baby due to miscarriage.

On the night of September 8, Assam police picked up three sisters from Guwahati in connection with a kidnapping case and took them to police station. On the 10th of September, one of the sister filed a police complaint, alleging that the three sisters were picked from their homes by a police team led by the officer in charge Mahendra Sarma. “The police tortured us badly and beaten up by shoes and sticks.” she stated in her complaint, but eventually, their case was not registered.

While talking to media, She said “Police officer brutaly kicked my pregnant sister, she started bleeding and her pregnancy was terminated.”

Reportedly, this horrible incident happened on September 8 and caught an eye on September 17.

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