Women Say They Cannot Leave Afghanistan Unless Accompanied By Male

Afghanistan: Some women complained that they are facing challenges when they attempt to travel abroad, and said that they have lost their flights due to a lack of a male accompanying them.

The women said that they were not allowed to take flights from Kabul airport as well as other airports around the country.

“They didn’t allow me to go out of the country because I was alone and had no guardian. After some effort, I had my father come as a companion with me,” said Khorsheed, an Afghan citizen, who is now out of the country.

“They held our passports until the flight time was over. Then they gave us our passports and said to go home,” said Mariam, an Afghan citizen living abroad.

Political analysts said that traveling without a male guardian in the current situation is not against sharia rules.

“The top scholars said that a woman can travel among the women whose number is large and there is no threat to their security, safety and privacy,” said Hassan Haqyar, a political analyst.

The Ministry of Transportation and Aviation said that it has not received any decree regarding the prohibition of women traveling without a male accompanying them.

“Such a decree has not been sent to our ministry to clarify which passengers must be allowed and which passenger should be prevented,” said Imamuddin Ahmadi, a spokesman for the ministry.