World must recognize India’s state terrorism in occupied Kashmir: President

President of Islamic  Republic of Pakistan Arif Alvi has urged global community to recognize indian state terrorism in Indian Occupied Kashmir and must ask India to lift up inhuman curfew.

President of Pakistan was in interview session with radio Pakistan and he said world can not act as silent spectator, its time to act if you want to save billions of people from atomic war.

President said Kashmiris have been fighting from 70 years to get their right of self determination and Kashmiris will never accept this unilateral action of Modi Government and once India uplift curfew the situation in Occupied Kashmir will never be controlled.

President said its my demand to Indian government that they must uplift inhuman curfew as soon as possible, Kashmiris must be given proper internet services and medical treatment.

Kashmiris should not lose hope as God Almighty will steer them out of this trial,” President Said.

“Pakistan will always stand by their Kashmiri brethren in this just struggle. Pakistan has always raised Kashmir dispute at all the international fora,” he said

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