World Suicide prevention day

Today is “World suicide prevention day”. According to the International Association for Suicide Prevention, every year suicide is among the top 20 leading causes of death globally. Everybody goes through the difficult times in his life. For some, this hard and difficult time stays for long span.

Similarly, for some people gets out of it in shorter span of time. But one thing is for sure that is hard time grinds and prepares you for challenges and conquering the peaks. This hardest time of your life, rejection after rejections, failure after failures makes you a outstanding and extra ordinary product.

The one who never goes into this phase of life, who never faces the challenges and who has never seen the tower of his dreams falling down, the one who has never dealt with rejections and failures, the one who has never dealt with the situation when people were making comics and cracking jokes over his dream has not enough capable muscles to do something extra ordinary.

You would be thinking it’s world suicide prevention day and I haven’t addressed this topic. Yes, because giving up is not an option, NOT AT ALL.

The one who believes in Allah SWT never gets disappointed because Allah does not let down His man. If you start expecting from someone or something other than Allah SWT then sooner or later it is going to disappoint you and when you get disappointed and don’t find any ray of hope then you start thinking pessimistically, which can never be good thing. Being a human, we should never make somebody feel bad and if we find anybody who is getting pessimistic about life we should must help him out, we should must lift him up and show a ray of hope.

There is no single cause for suicide, although depression is cited as the most common condition associated with it. There are very few reasons why depression is increasing in our youth. We should make ourselves able to understand and address someone’s problems and issues, a Muslim should be like this.

One thing I can tell you about how to understand somebody’s situation at very basic level through a quotation,

“Be the person you needed when you were hurting, not the person who hurt you.”


Source: Abdullah Qamar

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