World Water Day: Conservation way forward to sustainable growth

World Water Day is the annual observance day by the United Nations held on the 22nd of March every year. It actually advocates for the sustainable management of fresh water and its sources. Almost 2 billion people the world over live without fresh water.

It highlights the importance of freshwater. The purpose to celebrate this day is to remind people of the importance of fresh water and its able use. It should never be wasted.

There is 1 meter of groundwater reduction every year as there are innumerable tube wells installed in the area. Considering the immeasurable and unfathomable use of water, the construction of Mangla and Tarbella dams, therefore, became necessary. The two dams were constructed done in the 60s to conserve the waters of our Western rivers which have been a great source of our water and energy needs.

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Over time, we find a substantial decrease in water flowing through these receding river waters. Diminishing levels are now accumulated in dams. Global warming is attributable to the seemingly ominous changes and ecological imbalance paving way for this everylong equilibrium to change. Our needs are not being catered to fully for which construction of dams is a must. Daimer Bhasha dam is the one which may well be another source to conserve water but concurrently it may generate a minimum of 4500-kilowatt energy to the national grid. The more trees, the better the conditions will be. Mangroves are a savior in terms of more fish, more prawns, as they guard against the unforeseen flooding at least that’s what is said by local fishermen around some of our coastal areas.

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The unregulated use of water in our day-to-day lives is another stumbling block towards a potentially more holistic use of water. We will have to be careful in the use of water as it guarantees life itself. The fast receding waters on our earth may cause severe problems. Today, as we celebrate world water day approximately, 85 percent of people are deprived of water. In our country, two percent of affluence is only treated. The rest flows into water bodies. The rivers are infested with affluence, the oceans take so much waste, that the aqua life is on the brink of ruin. Nothing is really safe – what we eat, we have to be careful.

Interestingly enough the minister responsible for building dams is the one who hails from our area. A young energetic fellow who is Wharton read. We have a lot of expectations from this young and dynamic fellow who with his innovative thinking may bring about a change.

Good Luck Moonis. 

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