Xi asks Chinese military to boost its readiness

Chinese president Xi Jin Ping ordered Chinese military to prepare its readiness during his visit to command operational centre of People Liberation’s Army base in Gansu province.

According to reports of Baaghitv, Xi Jin Ping, president of China who is also the secretary of Communist Party of China Central Committee (CPCCC) and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, visited the military base of People’s Liberation Army in Gansu province on Monday. During the visit, the Chinese president Xi Jin Ping said the armed forces must fully understand, uphold and implement the Party’s theories on building a strong military as well as its defence strategies and policies.

He was accompanied by General Xu Qiliang, vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission and former commander-in-chief of the Air Force, at the base. He checked on how Air Force members work at the base’s command centre and was briefed about the base’s operations and training.

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