Yasir Hussian Says Either Support Kashmir Or Work In India.

Yasir Hussain just poked the actors who are tweeting on Kashmir issue and on the other hand they are willing to work with India, in Indian movies which is being hypocritical. He said “I want actors to say they don’

t want to work in India blatantly so that they can be just, in saying  that we love Kashmir. To support Kashmir and work in India is like being diabetic and having a piece of cake.”

I don’t know why Yasir Hussain is that much controversial, he just can’t remain calm, every now and then he comes up with bundle of taunts on actors. Here he said all this,

The actor already had worked in India with Om Puri the movie didn’t get released due to the death of veteran actor Om Puri and this gave him clean chit to take a dig at those actors who worked in India. Isn’t he the one who is hypocrite?

He also said people will judge him now, as he used to believe art has no boundaries but he thinks now art has boundaries, which the neighbors have created. Let’s see if the actors are actually patriotic and will continue to boycott working in India even after the ban.

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