Yasir Shah booked in Islamabad for allegedly raping a 14 year-old girl

Pakistan test cricketer and leg spinner Yasir Shah and his friend Farhan have been nominated in a rape case, where the cricketer has been accused of aiding a friend who raped a 14 year old girl in Islamabad.

According to the details, a First Information Report (FIR) has been registered by the victim against these two for sexually abusing her in Islamabad. Yasir Shah and Farhan have been named in the case of alleged rape of a 14-year-old girl in Islamabad’s Shalimar police station where they have been accused of raping a Matric student. The FIR said that Yasir Shah gave his friend full support and assistance in this regard.

According to the FIR filed by the victim’s female relative, Yasir Shah’s friend Farhan took her phone number from her 14-year-old niece and a few days later started talking to her. He said that both Farhan and Yasir used to talk to her niece on WhatsApp and both of them trapped her.

She said that on August 14, 2021, when her niece was going for her tuition class, Farhan forcefully made her sit in a taxi and took her to a flat in F-11 and tried to assault her. According to the FIR, when the victim resisted, Farhan sexually assaulted her at gunpoint and also made a video. He also threatened to kill her if she mentioned the incident to anyone.

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The girl accused Farhan of raping her at gunpoint and also stated that she was harassed and was filmed ordeal. It was further reported that the accused Farhan also took help of cricketer Yasir Shah to threaten her.

According to the complainant, Farhan blackmailed her niece and took her to the flat once again and abused her while Farhan used to talk to his friend Yasir Shah on the phone and force him to establish a relationship with her. The girl’s relative said that when I came to know about the matter, I contacted Yasir Shah on WhatsApp on September 11, 2021.

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“When I approached Yasir on WhatsApp and told him about the incident, he made fun of me and said that he likes underage girls,” the complainant alleged in the FIR. She also added in the FIR that the Test leg-spinner warned her of dire consequences if she exposed the whole matter.

“Yasir Shah said that he was a very influential person and that he knew a high-ranking official. Yasir Shah and Farhan make videos and rape underage girls,” she alleged. The complaint also says that Yasir offered the girl to buy her a flat and bear all of her expenses for the next 18 years after she approached the police.

According to the FIR, a few days ago, Yasir Shah asked Farhan to settle the matter and also threatened the complainant in front of a well-known journalist saying that she will die if she tells anyone about the matter, adding that there were audio recordings of this.

In the FIR, the complainant said that Yasir asked me to meet Farhan at a café in F-6 a few days ago. Farhan once again threatened me with dire consequences, she said.

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“Now Yasir is asking for a meeting on December 22, 2021 at his flat in Islamabad. He said that if my niece could please him, all matters would be settled, otherwise do what you will,” she said.

The girl’s aunt alleged that Yasir Shah and Farhan connive to trap teenage and innocent girls at their ‘shisha’ centre, rape them and blackmail them using videos of the incident. Makes videos by raping and doing dirty work of trapping more girls by malicious mail. The aunt alleged that she, her niece and members of her family were facing death threats from the two and urged officials to take action against them.

Shalimar Police Station has registered a case under Sections 292-B (Child pornography), 292-C (Punishment for child pornography) and 376 (Punishment for rape) of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC).


Meanwhile, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) said that it had noted the allegations levelled against one of the board’s “centrally contracted players”. Without naming Yasir, the PCB said that “We have noted that some allegations have been levelled against one of our Centrally Contracted players. The PCB is presently gathering information at its end and will only offer a comment when in possession of complete facts.”

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