US in talks to end Yemen war

LAHORE: Top US official says Washington is in talks with Houthi rebels to end the war, the first such contact in four years.

According to International media a top US official has said that the United States is in talks with Yemen’s Houthi rebels,  in what appears to be a bid to end the five-year war in the Arab world’s most poor country. “We are narrowly focused on trying to end the war in Yemen,” US assistant secretary of state for near eastern affairs, David Schenker said. “We are also having talks to the extent possible with the Houthis to try and find a mutually accepted negotiated solution to the conflict,” he added.

International media claims that Senior Houthi official Hamid Assem neither confirm nor deny whether the rebels were in talks with Washington. He said “That the United States says they are talking to us is a great victory for us and proves that we are right”

Whereas no further details were released, the talks mark the first official contact between the US and the Houthis in over four years.

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