You can portray yourself on Social media as you want: Sarah Khan

April 29, 2021: Leading Pakistani actress Sara Khan says that people see everything about you that you want to show them.

BaaghiTV: Raqs e Bismil’s Zehra and Sabat’s Miral said in a recent interview that ‘what you want to see on social media is what you want to show.’ People have in the past used social media to level criticism at her also, particularly when Sarah got sick immediately after her honeymoon.

She says, “People tell me that you have spent your whole life on social media that is why you got sick, but I tell them that if some people do evil, so many people pray because of which I also recovered very quickly. “If I share something on social media that people talk about, I definitely want them to do what you want them to do,” she said. “I like it when people say that they want their sisters’ husband to be like Falak, so I want to show marriage as a beautiful relationship,” she said.

It is often difficult to hide things on social media, as the twists and turns in a scene from his recent drama have recently become a source of interest. When asked about the costume change, Sarah laughed and said that because the scene was filmed in different kits at intervals of three months, her team made the mistake.

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