YouTube restores account suspended over Ukraine reporting

Odesa/Ukraine: YouTube has restored a Chinese vlogger’s account, a week after suspending it for reporting on the atrocities in Ukraine. 

According to the British daily The Guardian, YouTube suspended the account after it received a report of “suspected violence”. The Chinese national, Wang Jixian, was reportedly covering the atrocities in Ukraine from Odesa after he became an internet sensation for sharing vlogs pertaining to his life in the Ukrainian city.

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A spokesperson for YouTube said, “With the massive volume of videos on our platform, sometimes we make the wrong call on content that is flagged by our community”. The spokesperson added that upon reviewing the content, appropriate action is taken quickly as well as “restoring videos that were mistakenly removed”. 

According to The Guardian, Wang Jixian showed Chinese (Mandarin) translations of a voice recording of Ukrainians speaking about the atrocities being committed by Russian soldiers, immediately before his account was temporarily suspended.   

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In a conversation with Radio Free Asia, Wang spoke about “ulterior motives” adding that he does not include images of violence in his content. 

In addition, after YouTube rejected his appeal against the suspension, Wang created a new account to continue his daily updates and has managed to garner a following of up to 34,000 on his new channel. Despite the success behind his digital presence, Wang has faced criticism from nationalistic netizens across China. He has also had to delete his WeChat account in Mid-March given that China is showing support for Russia in the Russia-Ukraine war. 

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