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Youtuber arrested for superimposing Mubasher Lucman’s voice over on a fake video

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YouTuber Ashfaq, who created a hoax video attacking institutions by superimposing the voice of veteran journalist and presenter Mubasher Lucman has been arrested. 

When the fake video featuring senior journalist and anchor person Mubasher Lucman’s voiceover surfaced on YouTube and received a lot of negative attention, Mubasher Lucman’s team decided to inquire into the matter and submitted a formal complaint to the relevant authorities 

Later, investigators arrested YouTuber Muhammad Ashfaq from his house. 

Detained for his crime, YouTuber Ashfaq admitted his guilt and expressed remorse. The defendant claims his actions were unintentional. The accused has released a video in which he confessed and apologized. 

YouTube user Ashfaq claims that he uploaded the video without verification. He says: “ I sincerely apologize and promise to never again post videos without first confirming them”.

After the hoax video was shared on YouTube, veteran journalist and anchor Mubasher Lucman declared that legal action would be taken against the video’s producers for cybercrime.

Baaghi TV’s sources claim that Ashfaq is an active member of the PTI, and they further claim that Ashfaq recently attended a meeting with members of the digital media at the Bani Gala, where he was also present with former Prime Minister Imran Khan. 

Originally from South Punjab, Ashfaq now lives in Lahore, the provincial capital of Punjab. According to informed sources, Ashfaq has also begun blackmailing through his YouTube account. According to reliable reports, a social media activist for the PTI urged Ashfaq to post the video on YouTube with malicious intent; Ashfaq did so and was thereafter arrested.

So far, all of the arrests made during the campaign against institutions have been linked to PTI. Members of the PTI social media wing are relentless in their online campaigns against established organizations. Undue criticism about the establishment should be curbed down rather than pardoned as a precedent so that no one spreads propaganda with malicious intent against the nation’s defense and security establishments.