YouTubers, social media activists identified in spreading propaganda against Lasbela tragedy

A committee on the Balochistan Lasbela tragedy, which was formed to probe the negative campaign against the Pakistan Army, has now completed its investigation.

As per the Baaghi TV report, the team investigated overall 580 accounts and identified 178 accounts that had the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) flag or symbol of PTI on Twitter display pictures or on their Cover Photo.

The investigation team identified one common thing among those accounts that they were tweeting in support of PTI.

According to the investigation report, there were also 18 accounts from India that participated in the campaign against the Pakistan Armed Forces and spread venom against martyrs of the Lasbela tragedy.

Also, 123 Twitter accounts were identified without pictures.

The investigators have identified 168 Twitter accounts and sent 123 Twitter handles to NADRA for further identification.

Baaghi TV report said that 238 accounts were fake and involved in spreading propaganda against institutions.

Insiders said that now the investigation team has the complete details of the Twitter handles including names, phone numbers, complete addresses, and screenshots of their tweets.

The list includes Sami Ibrahim, Saber Shakir, Ali Salman Alvi, Syed Mehdi Raza Haider alias taxi driver, Imran Ashiq, Muhammad Waqar Malik, Imdad Hussain Shahzad, Imran Afzal Raja, Mian Usman Aziz, Hamza Kaleem, Jameel Farooqui, Rizwan Ahmed Ghalzai and Omar Inam.

PTI social media activists kept on tweeting against state institutions since Imran Khan was ousted from Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) through a no-confidence motion.


Also, a number of videos of former social media activists surfaced who made confessions about working for PTI and being involved in bashing against state institutions.

In August, the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) cybercrime wing identified Twitter accounts involved in spreading fake news about the military and the army chief.