Zahir Jaffar’s plea to be declared insane dismissed by court

Zahir Jaffar's plea to be declared insane dismissed by court

High Court rejects the pleas to be declared insane of Zahir Jaffar submitted by his legal team.

According to reports, senior journalist and analyst Mubasher Lucman, who has been raising his voice against the oppression of the victim, Noor Muqaddam, since day one and wants to see the murderer hanged. His determination proved worthy when the court gave its decision on Zahir Jaffar’s case.

In this regard, he tweeted on Twitter and announced the good news that justice has been served today when the court has rejected all the stories of the accused.

Mubasher Lucman says:

“The high court has rejected the plea of ​​Zahir Jaffar in Noor murder case and now we hope that soon he will reach his end.”

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