Zaid Hamid: Where Can Kashmir Go From Here?

I will do a series of tweets on the possibilities on Kashmir. Where can Kashmir go from here based on the intentions and the capabilities of both friends and enemies?

These are going to be serious scenario analysis and are meant to give an informed opinion for the policy makers.

The regional scenario is that India has forged an alliance with Israel and US and all have joined forces to degrade, destroy Pakistan & denuclearize the country. This is the ultimate objective of the moves we see on Kashmir today, all roads lead to this enemy strategy.

Pakistan today stands at its weakest point in history… with a weak, confused Govt, economic disaster, complete social chaos but, ironically with strongest armed forces.

India has become Nazi and genocidal and plan to exterminate all Muslims but faces great internal chaos as well.

Sensing the political/economic chaos in Pakistan, India got the green signal from US/Israel to make its first move on Kashmir and absorbed the disputed territory. Now busy in consolidating its hold by crushing the local resistance and the will of the people. It faces NO resistance from Pakistan.

On another axis, moves have been initiated to declare AJK as a separate Independent country with full autonomy, own flag, own national anthem. Narrative building has begun in the media, similar to the narrative on recognition of Israel. Both launched simultaneously.

So, what can happen from here? What are the possibilities?

1. India will annex IOK completely, create a “Palestine” in Kashmir & kill/push the Muslims out of the valley & replace them with Hindus. Kashmir gone forever. US will stop Pakistan from interfering. It’s happening now.

2. After fully securing IOK, India will make its move on AJK & capture this side as well. International powers will move in, create a ceasefire and allow India to grab Kashmir for all times and prevent Pakistan from responding. Pakistan loses both IOK & AJK.

3. India agrees to an “Independent Kashmir” under UN/US/Israel control. India leaves valley but keeps Jammu & Laddakh. Pakistan loses GB & AJK. US/Israel move in and make their military bases in Muzaffarabad/Sirinagr in an “Independent” Kashmir. This Plan B is already on.

4. While India grabs IOK, AJK is declared as an “Independent Govt” and a separate country. UN/US move in AJK. Pakistan leaves AJK and an “independent” weak slave Govt in Muzaffarabad allows India to send its forces for protection from Pakistan. Pakistan loses all.

5. This is the only option which can save Pakistan. Pakistan announces full support to Kashmir resistance after India has cancelled the article 370. A massive armed freedom struggle is launched. Pakistan provides full military support and even a high intensity war in Kashmir.

Pakistan take the war to the enemy inside IOK. Disrupt their plans to destroy the Kashmir resistance & dislocate the population. Bog down and trap the Indian army in a massive guerrilla war and push the enemies back, destroying their plans for IOK, AJK & Pakistan.

Yes, there will be a cost to Pakistan in this option but, the benefits far outweigh the costs & loses.

Pakistan will prevent a total defeat and will thwart enemy plans. Pakistan will liberate IOK, defend AJK and revenge 1971, all in one master stroke of courage & bravery.

The present pacifist reactive “wait & see” policy is a death warrant for Pakistan, a total surrender,  complete annihilation of IOK and later AJK as well. Hindutwa Zionists will NOT stop at Kashmir. The war will be brought onto Pakistan, for a final showdown.

Despite our weak Political, economic and social profile, Pakistan can still defeat the entire India/Israeli/US plan to bite into our freedom & land. India has walked into a trap but, we need to pull the rope to trap them there, else, they will simply grab all Pakistan tomorrow.

All those who are saying that war is not a solution or Pakistan’s economy is weak should read all the possibilities I have written above and then evaluate the cost benefit analysis.Under any logic, doing nothing is just a suicidal strategy. We will be annihilated tomorrow.

I have read and heard all the arguments from all cross sections of society & Govt on Kashmir BUT not a single one has ever done an informed scenario analysis of the situation, pros and cons of action and inaction.

Now you know the possibilities. Now decide. Should we sit and wait?


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