Zenofar Fatima of Zen Productions Announces Big News for Youth

Zen Productions announces date for Youth Vlog Awards in Dubai

Dubai (2nd Oct, 2019): Miss Zenofar Fathima, film maker, actress and founder of Zen Productions organizes an event at the Shang-rila Hotel in Dubai.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, Zen Productions announced the date for the upcoming Youth Vlog Awards as well as guiding media personnel about the registration process. They have confirmed that in there will be a jury consisting of three members at the event. This jury will include Zenofer Fathima, Moe Money and Pervez Kazi, as confirmed by reports.

Pictured above is the jury for the upcoming Youth Vlog Awards set to be held in November, in Dubai. Image is copyright of Baaghi TV.

Moreover, Ms. Zenofer Fathima encouraged the youth to participate in the anticipated Youth Vlog awards. She commented that the participants can use whatever content they wish to enter with as well as using the gadgets of their choosing. She added saying, spreading love should be a part of any and/or every content. Ms Zenofer furthe she says that we  promoted love and peace without discrimination of Nationality culture ,Religion .about youth  vlog awards category  divided into two parts of age 1st one is 1 to 18 years  and the 2nd 18 to 40 years   . Zenofer fathima take this initiative first ever  awards for  youth admired their talent and for  appreciated arranging youth awards which one firsts ever award of this nature .She says that as we live in most peaceful country in the world and His Excellency Shiekh MUHAMMAD always promoted to youth we always see and learn from them. The second member of the jury, Mr Moe Jabry, who is famous as Moe Money is basically a Syrian-Lebanese and has thousands of followers on YouTube and Instagram, respectively.

Pictured above is Moe Money, Syrian-Lebanese, YouTube and Instagram influencer. Image is copyright of Baaghi TV.

Baaghi TV’s reports confirm that Mr. Moe money  has reiterated the idea that participants should use their personal experiences such as their own thinking, own culture and their own traditions in their videos. He added the Youth Vlog Awards are a good platform for the youth who wish to be recognized themselves.Mr.Moe as he has the huge fan following all over the world as he shows good image of dubai and promoted diffrent    places in his vlogging   and encouraged the investors form diffrent countries and come and invest here  in U.A.E.About  youth  give paltform open for harworkers whose has unique content and ideas although he told its very tuff as a judge because exceptional ideas and tallent we see .

Similarly, the third and last member of the jury, Mr Pervez Kazi, who is considered to be a lookalike for Bollywood actor Salman Khan, took the time to appreciate the efforts behind the event. He discussed his life with media and shared a message with the youth stating that if one has strong determination and skills then one can do anything one wants.

As the event came to a close, Miss Zenofer Fatima the powerhouse behind Zen Productions, announced the date of the Youth Vlog Awards stating that they will be held sometime in November in Dubai.

Pictured above is Ms. Zenofar Fatima of the Zem Productions who recently hosted an event in Dubai to announce the tentative date for the upcoming Youth Vlog Awards. Image is copyright of Baaghi TV.


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