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16 year-old allegedly raped by 30 men in Israel

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The alleged gang rape of a 16-year-old girl by some 30 men in the Red Sea resort of Eilat has sparked outrage in Israel and protests across the country.

According to the details, this painful incident of gang rape of a young girl took place in the Eilat, a state of Israel occupying Palestine, in which 30 people sexually abused the victim girl.

Police have arrested two key figures involved in the gang rape, who are said to be 27 years old, while nine boys, aged 16 to 17, have been arrested. Police say they are still searching for the remaining suspects, according to a foreign news agency report.

Police further says that the victim had gone to the hotel with her friends to have a drink, but the friends, along with other accomplices, gang-raped her. Eyewitnesses told police that 30 people lined up outside the hotel room, awaiting their turn to take advantage of her intoxicated state.

The teen had gone out drinking with friends before ending up at the hotel to use the bathroom, according to an Israeli newspaper. She was then allegedly taken to a hotel room and repeatedly raped, as the teenager’s friend tried in vain to help.

Police expect more arrests in the case, with the girl expected to confront the existing suspects in court on Sunday, according to the Jerusalem Post.

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